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Open Coffee Amsterdam

Two months ago YouTellMe moved to the beautifull Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. With the crazy work schedules any entrepreneurs lives by, we didn’t really get to enjoy the city yet. In fact, I went to more Amsterdam based events when the company was still in Rotterdam.

This Thursday my fellow YTM entrepreneurs and me will be visiting the Open Coffee Amsterdam meetup. For me its a first timer on the long  standing Open Coffee tradition. Hope it will be fun :)

Events &Web Development &YouTellMe tschellenbach 02 Jan 2009 3 Comments

TechCrunch Amsterdam 2008

Thanks to ebuddy and techcrunch for organizing the event.
Rick, me and Thijs with Ebuddy

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Google at the Campus

GoogleI was so surprised to see a stand from Google at the Erasmus campus today. Usually we don’t see too many hi-tech companies visiting a business university. Google has an amazing brand name amongst students, this was very clear from the crazy amount of attention they got. The staff from Google was representing their Dublin headquarters. Working benefits seem pretty amazing over there.

Good job Google! (why don’t other tech companies do this?)

The movie they recommended us to watch:

Events tschellenbach 07 Nov 2007 2 Comments

Symfony Camp and the framework’s blazing progress

Symfony has been producing some amazing music lately. The eagerly awaited version 1.1 progressing rapidly with the delegation of 1.0 development; Plugins are developing at an amazing speed (example, example); Great posts are being written to further enhance one’s understanding of Symfony: such as Understanding Behavior and tomorrow will be the start of the highly anticipated Symfony Camp.

Hope that all the participants will have a great time. With speakers such as

It should certainly be a good event. Congrats to Stefan Koopmanschap and the entire team at Dutch Open Projects for setting up a nice event in The Netherlands. IT is not very progressive in our little country and it is great to see such an event being organized!

Since I am currently on vacation in Romania I will have to miss the great event, but I surely hope everyone will blog and post the slides online!


Fabien’s Slides 


Events &PHP &Symfony &Web Development tschellenbach 06 Sep 2007 4 Comments

BarCamp events

I had never heard of BarCamp.

According to a recent Techcrunch article it seems to be a pretty fun event though.

We should have one of these in Holland as well.

Events tschellenbach 12 Aug 2007 15 Comments

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