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Congrats to Ebuddy for winning the Crunchies!

I just noticed that Ebuddy has won the best international award at the Crunchies. Awesome to see a Dutch startup win it :) Go over to Ebuddy and congratulate them! (Found through NextWeb)

Events tschellenbach 10 Jan 2009 3 Comments

YouTellMe in Frankwatching

YouTellMe has been progressing at insane development speeds. We’re slowly starting to search for some initial PR. Feedback has been great so far. Frankwatching just posted about us in their “Site Gespot” section. Im looking forward to the feedback from the Frankwatching audience. If you’re Dutch is fluent have a look at: frankwatching.

Web Development &YouTellMe tschellenbach 05 Jan 2009 6 Comments

Django template tags – Google chart – python 2.4 port

I just tried the django template tags for the google charting api by Jacob. Unfortunately they were python 2.5 only and I happen to still be stuck to 2.4. The changes to move it to 2.4 were minimal though. Still to save some of you googlers out there the hassle:


I was just browsing the code a bit. There is something peculiar there:

args, varargs, varkw, defaults = inspect.getargspec(func)

I don’t get the point of using the inspect functionality. Anyone care to explain?

Django &Python &Web Development tschellenbach 02 Jan 2009 6 Comments

Open Coffee Amsterdam

Two months ago YouTellMe moved to the beautifull Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. With the crazy work schedules any entrepreneurs lives by, we didn’t really get to enjoy the city yet. In fact, I went to more Amsterdam based events when the company was still in Rotterdam.

This Thursday my fellow YTM entrepreneurs and me will be visiting the Open Coffee Amsterdam meetup. For me its a first timer on the longĀ  standing Open Coffee tradition. Hope it will be fun :)

Events &Web Development &YouTellMe tschellenbach 02 Jan 2009 3 Comments