Does Getting Porn Spam Mean You’ve Been Surfing Porn Sites? Web sites and email are unrelated Porn spam does not mean anybody did any such thing illicit. Everybody else gets spam, plus some from it is porn. Not enough spam does not indicate you have been good, either.

grupos para conocer gente mondéjar Into the relief of these whose partners have actually wondered, asked, or accused along those exact same lines, the clear answer is definitely an unequivocal no. Getting porn spam

The alternative can be real: maybe not getting porn spam doesn’t imply you have actuallyn’t been porn that is surfing.

Getting porn spam and visiting porn web web sites are usually unrelated one to the other. I’ll explain why this is certainly.

Internet sites and e-mail are unrelated

Once you see a web page, your website gets a lot of information on you, however your current email address just isn’t section of it. Continue Reading »