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YTM launch!!

No more beta for
The website which is taking over the Dutch product comparison market is officially going out of beta @ 8 o clock.
Party in Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 182 :) Festivities starting right now!


Things are going well, looking very forward to international launch.
We’ve changed a lot since the first reviews!


Beter pictures coming after the event :P

PS. Thanks to Python and Django, for enabling us to beat the competition :)

PSS. Next2News, eduhub, come and join :)

Apache &Business &Css &Django &Dutch &Events &Javascript &PHP &Prototype &Python &Symfony &Web Development &YouTellMe tschellenbach 11 Dec 2009 150 Comments

Django template tags – Google chart – python 2.4 port

I just tried the django template tags for the google charting api by Jacob. Unfortunately they were python 2.5 only and I happen to still be stuck to 2.4. The changes to move it to 2.4 were minimal though. Still to save some of you googlers out there the hassle:


I was just browsing the code a bit. There is something peculiar there:

args, varargs, varkw, defaults = inspect.getargspec(func)

I don’t get the point of using the inspect functionality. Anyone care to explain?

Django &Python &Web Development tschellenbach 02 Jan 2009 6 Comments

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