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YTM launch!!

No more beta for
The website which is taking over the Dutch product comparison market is officially going out of beta @ 8 o clock.
Party in Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 182 :) Festivities starting right now!


Things are going well, looking very forward to international launch.
We’ve changed a lot since the first reviews!


Beter pictures coming after the event :P

PS. Thanks to Python and Django, for enabling us to beat the competition :)

PSS. Next2News, eduhub, come and join :)

Apache & Business & Css & Django & Dutch & Events & Javascript & PHP & Prototype & Python & Symfony & Web Development & YouTellMe tschellenbach 11 Dec 2009 150 Comments

YouTellMe @ Marketing Facts

Marketing Facts just published their video interview with our co-founder Joost Nauta. If your Dutch is fluent go ahead and take a look:

Interview John Nauta (YouTellMe) from mfredactie on Vimeo.

Thanks to all the FrankWatching readers for the positive feedback on the previous article.

Dutch & YouTellMe tschellenbach 03 Feb 2009 2 Comments