My choices are fighting techinques, electric guitar and hung this can provide you with the fighting styles ability… </p> <h2>Aletta: faculties: dominant Anti-traits: family members Talk subjects: travels, intercourse 60lp ) tale activities: meet up with the employer (office, simply simply simply take a rest), brownnosing (office, strive), working later (workplace, work tirelessly), red nosing (workplace, work tirelessly) Dpl: fitness, charm, career Hated present: candies Hated date: cinema, house Kink gain: gifting the kink gain guide, during chats Kink loss: gifting the kink loss guide, during chats Gift: 50$ (she’s going to constantly offer this)</h2> <p> <a href="">voir ici</a> 2.2: Patreon Exclusive Girls (truly the only scenes they’ve will be the one introducing them) Anna: characteristics: submissive, playful Anti-traits: family Talk topics: love, intercourse 60lp ), travels, music tale activities: either conference the band or a guy’s purpose (Sasha’s side event), barfly Side story activities: training screw-up (musical organization storyline) Dpl: charm gift that is hated underwear Hated date: restaurant</p> <p> <a href=""></a> <a href="" class="more-link">Continue Reading »</a>