Java/Kotlin Android Chat Tutorial

I actually got to work on this tutorial and library a bit myself. It was 5 years ago since I last worked on Android, so it was fun to see how the ecosystem changed. The introduction of the viewModel is particularly powerful for building reusable libraries on Android. The RecyclerView and ConstraintLayout are also nice improvements. Perhaps the biggest improvement though is the LiveData concept. That really reduces the boilerplate code you need. Have a look at the end result, a tutorial on how to build Chat with Java/Kotlin for Android.

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Swift/iOS Chat Tutorial with Stream Chat

iOS took quite a bit of time compared to our React and React native libraries. It’s here now though, have a look at our iOS/Swift chat tutorial. I went through it myself and got it up and running even though I’m not an iOS developer. That was kinda fun to do, took about 10 minutes.

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React Native Chat

In case you’re building chat in react native you’ll want to check out this tutorial Chat with React Native tutorial. It explains you how to build your own chat/messaging experience and supports use cases such as livestream chat, messaging chat, team style chat (like slack), gaming and customer support.

Happy coding!

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Twitter way back machine

One of the associates at Techstars created this beautiful demo of Stream’s technology (github repo). If you ever wondered about Thomas Edison’s or Nikola Tesla’s tweets, check it out! :)

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How to build a notification feed using Stream

Tommaso wrote a quick tutorial on how to build a notification feed using Django and Stream.
How to build a notification feed using Stream.

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Build a scalable Twitter clone with Django and

Have a look at this tutorial on how to build a scalable twitter clone using django and

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